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Predict your 5k time based on a recent interval workout.

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Real Data

And lots of it. Our predictions are based on the actual race results and interval workouts from running logs of competitive runners. Over 6.9 million miles of running log data, including over 10,000 race results, were collected and analyzed in order to build our prediction algorithm.

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Set Goals

The 5k prediction algorithm should be used to get a rough estimate of your current 5K fitness - helping you set goals and paces for an upcoming race. That being said, there is no better way to find out how fast you can run a 5k than racing a 5k. Run Augur was created out of curiousity and is not meant to be a substitute for good old fashioned training and racing.


“I find this calculator to be extremely accurate.”

“VERY IMPRESSED. Spot on for about my fitness. Its almost as if I realized I was a speed based guy. beautiful calculator”

“This is the end of all 'predict my...' threads .... nah :-)”

“Very good, predicted 19:26 with a spread of 19:13-19:40 based on last nights workout, I ran 19:36 on Saturday, hoping for 19:30.”

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Run Augur is currently undergoing beta testing. The underlying running log and race data are growing and the statistical models are being refined. Please email any questions, comments or feedback to Run Augur.

To learn more about the underlying technology and development process behind Run Augur click here.